Product scope

Personal data securely exchanged.

Digitized process

Data subject requests

Data access, rectification and deletion requests from your clients taken care of.

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New opportunities

Data portability

Handle data portability requestsbetween data subjects and companies.

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Structured personal data

Personal data structuring

We support your organisation in providing personal data in structured, machine-readable format that is compliant with the regulation.

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Transparency and accountability

Inform individuals about their rights

Provide all required information to data subjects and how you use personal data in a transparent and structured way.

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First personal data exchange API

Automate access requests using the ZOA API and web hooks. Increase response speed at much lower costs.

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Get an overview of all open data subject requests and reminder of upcoming deadlines.

Audit trail

Get a full audit trail of a data subject request for a compliant documentation of your activities.

Digital identity verification

Integrate existing digital identity providers for data subject verification.

Secure, digital data transfer

Transmit personal data in a digital and secure way to data subjects.

Privacy statement

Provide a structured privacy statement to individuals.

Automate process

Automate your data subject request process by using the ZOA webhooks and API.

Better customer experience

Provide a user friendly platform to your customers for requesting personal data from your organisation.



Guided workflows
and audit trail

Leads you effectively through the regulatory maze and maintain a full audit trail.

Secure exchange

Transfer personal data encrypted with data subjects and other organisations.

Personal data analytics

You get access to our data analytics expertise. We also advise you on how to apply statistical methods to personal data for reducing risks of compliance breaches.

Strengthen trust

Build trust with your customers and employees by giving them transparency and control over their personal data.

Access to expert network

We worked with the best EU GDPR experts and they stand ready to help you with your problem.

Attractive price

We understand that compliance is important, but also expensive. We designed ZOA EXCHANGE in a lean way, so we can offer it at a great price to you.